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@bandie Maybe you can help me with that:

I have a gpg key with 3 sub keys (one for each type, signing, encryption, authentication)

If somebody encrypts something for me, which key do I need to decrypt that file then?

I have exported them with: —export-secret-keys <email id> and —export-secret-subkeys <email id>.

@bandie If I now for example want to use `pass` on a new computer, can I simply import the subkey file and it should work. Also as far as I understand, I can only do stuff with the whole chain with the exported keys file, so if that Pc doesnt have it, it can’t add new keys, right?

@lyze For decryption you use the [E] subkey.

I never used pass. Usually you should be okay with the specific subkey you really need. But maybe pass uses [A] for something? *shrugs*

@bandie Aha, and I can use whatever encryption key?
Like I revoked my old E key and generated a new one, but I can still decrypt everything normally. Seems a bit weird to me?

It is because your new E key has been signed by the C key (Certify).

@lyze Remember uploading your new key changes. After a while you also should tell others to
gpg --refresh-keys

@bandie : I have a device without custom rom support are you interested in building one for me?

@cryptkiddie If it is not rootable, how do you want to manage flashing it?

@bandie It is rootable with some exploits in Android 5.1 and it can be flashed using fastboot

@bandie Only thing is: It is a mediatek processor inside an extremly uncommon Device...

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