Hot Summary: Keybase is what you get when you care about crypto but not about security and completely not about privacy.
@bandie verbose?

I’m updating my Pretty Bad Privacy blog post with a special section for keybase.

Well, how ever, I agree partially. I didn't upload my private key and I use it as an additional info how to contact me.

@bandie Well, you’re still giving them a verified social graph then…

The fun fact is that I don't talk to those people whom I follow/who follow me. :D

@bandie Yeah but keybase isn’t really a one person problem considering the size of it and how it’s some sort of a facebook of the broken PGP.
And still, the social-graph data is right as you know theses people at least enough to have a follow from them or follow them.

The last sentence is also not true. ;P

Why is PGP broken for you?

@bandie Check I guess, it’s still a draft and I need to copy some of the stuff from the “See Also” links, but the basic stuff is there.
@moonspark What you get with the “miminal” gpg --edit-key command.
It basically cleans it up and avoids putting external signatures.
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