@absturztaube @bandie :ablobcatreachmelt: Ah, lol, the instance I have SUCKS so if your instance has low timeouts set for loading remote media or something it'll break. IDK why, but other people have had issues, too.

@absturztaube @bandie (It really shouldn’t though, it isn’t that bad. Where’s your server located?)

@DashEquals @bandie switzerland at the server center of the company i work with
@absturztaube @bandie Ah weird, I know I blocked incoming requests from China because the failed SSH logins were freaking me out. Can you access my instance OK?

I was using gentoo in a time when I had too much of the time. In this case I'm just popping up.

@bandie Ok - i lost my youth waiting for emerge ~.~ Thats the reason why i don't spend more time then needed for work on my OS. One of the reason why i never took a look into arch.

Arch doesn't take much time for me.
It just works once set up.

@bandie That is what i always hear but barley can believe it. Specially if it comes to updates ^.^'

@SebiPanther In my lifespan of using arch I had once a "brick" of network. Caused by systemd.

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