@mmarif Hey, I use GitNex the first time.
I try to look into the diff of a PR but it seems there's not that much to see. Will this change, soon? ..or did I miss something?

@bandie Hi, can you elaborate by not much to see?

Right now it shows all the files changed with highlighted colors for the lines which are changed.

However it is improved in 3.0.0(master right now) already having new cite feature to comment on including the whole UI is changed.

You can download latest(master) from the repository page.

@mmarif I'm using 2.5.1. The PR is coming from a branch of the same private repo. In this case I added a file with some content and I added a comment after that. This is what I can see.

@bandie You can see some actions from the three dotted menu at the top.

But PR diff files at this moment are only available for public repositories. Because there is no API for it yet. API is still wip.
Once available, it will be part of public/private repositories.

Current look of PR diff files. Some of these are not in 2.5.1. It's in 3.0.0 dev version.

@mmarif Aw, okay, so it's an API thing then.

When using username/password instead of a token, would it still use the API?

@bandie Yes, all related to an API. Only diff files is using web call to get files data(alot of hacks we used to get it done for public repos.. haha)

Username/password login(plain text) does not use API. But password is never saved in the app.

That's why we recommend to use token.

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