Topic: FIDO2 keys.
We know the following:

- Yubico with its Yubikeys have OpenSource software but no OpenSource hardware.
It is coming from Sweden and the Silicon Valley.
It has no cover cap but a flat design.
It can create ecdsa and ed25519 keys.

- Nitrokey does have OpenSource in software and hardware.
It is coming from Germany.
It has a cover cap and is more cluncky like a regular usb flash drive.
It can create ecdsa keys only.

With which device do you feel safer?

@bandie Nitrokey has a long way to go in terms of tamper evidence and being not easily destroyed. I've put a Yubikey through the wash and it came out fine. I've also trodden on it, and left it in the sun all day (warm enough that I couldn't pick it up straight away), and neither seemed to upset it at all.


@irl As far the comparison sheet of Nitrokey tells me, they have tamper things with the internal smartcard. They don't have it for FIDO(2) devices and Nitrokey Start tho.

I was talking about FIDO2.
How is it with temper evidence on yubikey?

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@bandie it is a continuously moulded bit of plastic, you can't get at the insides without obviously destroying it.

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