Can one configure to only allow encrypted chats, even for rooms?
It would be nice to be able to host an instance on which not even the server admin can read anything when he's not invited into the room.

@bandie "by default" = The owner can choose to disable encryption when creating the room?

@allo After enabling, you can't disable the e2e-encryption

@bandie The question is, when an user creates a new room.
Is he allowed to create it unencrypted (by changing the default), or is it not only a default setting but also enforced?

@allo it is enforced because there's no way back to disable the encryption

@bandie I am not sure if we're talking about the same. I know you cannot disable encryption on existing rooms, but what about new ones?

When the config has this option set, is there a switch "encrypted yes/no" with "yes" as default or is the switch locked on "yes"?


@allo the room will be created and immediately the encryption will be enabled without asking.

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