I did some jazz with my new keyboard. I played the jazz piano and yip.

Massage toy, loud video 

I just found this video I made a while ago and I laughed.

Why is there a theft protection on a Gouda cheese package?

"Deep web, deep web, bla bla bla bla bla quick quick, quick quick!"

Does anyone remember the ENDLESS.MID from Kyodai Mahjongg?
I took the midi, put it in a MacBook some time ago and played with Mac's Garageband.

commission, art, ec 

I yesterday received art I commissioned and now got the official big file™ for it. So I am going to share this public.
Take a look on all those details. It makes me feel to be on a congress again. :)

I know how it is. For @c3Reg I am creating forms to fill out. I think this is an important thing, especially for neurodiverse entities.

Something about racism and police. By Jib Kodi; on birdsite: JibKodi

Also .. das mit dem Stockphoto ist ja echt ein tolles Geschäft, denke ich.

Wusstet ihr, dass ihr auch ein verifizierter Darknet hacker sein könnt? Nein?
Hier ist der Beweis! :D
Nur echt auf Telegram.

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