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Ciabatta from StarWars.

Microsoft Office 2000¶

Is the big snooze dangerous

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@bandie Bäcker haben Bäckertools!

Ich füge ein Smiley in deine Timeline ein!


@ckeen but enterprise is much more to laugh about

@ckeen federated microsoft mysql blockchain run by professional ceo cloud experts

Frau: "Hasse dich erkältet?"
Oma: "Nee, ich hab mich nur verschluckt an nem Bombom."

But I've got no dices here in my new flat rn :/

Waiting for - 1 - package of delivery.

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The winter is coming (soon)

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A class outing.

Girl to her friend: "I don't like her. She always says 'Oh! Horses!' ... I HATE horses!"

I laughed out loud.