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Bin gegen eine Weichenstellhebel gelaufen und jetzt ist mein Display vom Alcatel Lucent 300 kaputt gegangen.
Könnte jemand zufällig so n Display übrig haben?
Leider ergibt die Suchmaschine über das LCD gar nichts. Soll ein "Waichi WV5479A" sein.
Eventuell weiß jemand mehr?

Retoot welcome.

*files a bug for glsa-check on Gentoo's bugzilla 3 years ago*

*gives a patch for it to have it fixed in the same time*

*receives a lgtm*

*nothing happens for 3 years*

*is today now*

*receives message of package has been moved somewhere else*

Is gentoo new Debian?

You know what's odd?

ugh. you know that feel of having so many projects in mind but you're too tired to start anything?

Hello, is this the nice side of the internet?

And suddenly the picture someone sent you is opened by cura.

Excuse me to interrupt you but apt is one pile of shit. :)

*reads something with dhcpcd5 as debian package*
Oh, this is going to be IPv5 ready!

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