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How many yips do you need to change a lightbulb? 

Yips are independent from the action of changing a lightbulb, you silly!

..hmm.. got too overwhelmed by it .. it is too exhausting to set the score one by one. I'd like to use a piano instead. ...but no midi cable and such

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Since I'm waiting for packages and I can't work on my project I think maybe I should compose something again.
I didn't do it for 10 years.

typical requests towards a hacker 

Can you hack instagram for me????????

Brainstorming, Projekt, Intergalactic Registration Office 

Und dann kommt plötzlich die Idee auf, dass du das IRO theoretisch auch mit nem Modem verknüpfen könntest, um es noch umständlicher zu machen. >:)

Getting ready to go to the doctor.
Her name is not doctor Mario tho.

I think mastodon needs a follow private and follow public function, so that friends can see your private toots while the follow public only puts public toots into the follower's timeline.

affection towards reader 

Excuse me, but do you need the hug?

In my vacations next week I try to continue the project "Intergalactic Registration Office". An office where you are able to fill out your hacker passport by a professional needle printer™.
It should be rolled out on irl CCC events, including a role play, if wished.
The idea is to have two case officers being able to use the printer via RS-232, having a running ncurses terminal software running there.

My question: What should the terminal clients be?


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