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Why I am still awake? I need to sleep!


Ich wollte noch dieses c3reg mit fancy content bespielen.
Jemand ne Idee, was man da so benutzen kann, was nicht allzu sehr mit Lücken versehen ist?
Oder doch lieber static content stuff?

non-mention, rant 

How about not abusing your project account for saying what a privileged being you are as a journalist? What about accepting that there exist rules on fediverse of content warnings for certain topics, like gore, instead of screaming "this is an assault on freedom of press!!111"?
The rules are there for a very good reason.

Why tf does my brain emerge a salmon taste on my tongue rn?

Does anyone have the rC3 workadventure running and working? not necessarily with the jisti/websocket background; just wanting to go through it again.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum diesem Jahr nach Christentumzählung und so

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