Anyone out there who knows how they did that in Brussels?

We‘re interested in hints about the probably used technique.

Digital billboards gonna be a big change not just for outdoor advertisers, but so for activists.

Please boost!

Gang: jcd
Location: Brussels
Date: 22.12.20



One possible explanation is that most of these billboards actually hit a website for updates.

They proceed to download new content and/or software updates once connected to the website.

The rest is left as an exercise for the reader.

@ParadeGrotesque And where is the security vulnerability in getting their content from a website? They certainly do, but getting FTP access to a network that might not even be on the public internet is not exactly trivial.

When you have physical access, however, things tend to be a lot easier. Getting the full disk encryption password of my room mate over the internet seems pretty much impossible. Gaining physical access and using an evil maid attack is trivial, though.

@bbsc On a lot of the outdoor ones the tactics don't need to change at all. The ones near me still have the same keys to remove the weather protectors, so just put physical maps over the digital displays :P

No idea how they did that though

@MxCraven What we‘ve heard from several cities in Germany the locks are basically the same (socket wrench) but this is protected with a tubular lock like the one in the video.

@bbsc Simply plugging in the HDMI into your own device would be easy but expensive. Also, I doubt that the activists' operating system of choice would have been Windows 7, as indicated by the window bar in the photo (they'd probably go for a Raspberry Pi running Linux instead).

Who knows, maybe you can literally just plug in a keyboard and mouse via USB. After all, you want to be able to fix things especially when you're running Windows...

@bbsc Of course, you probably wouldn't actually bring your keyboard but use a rubber ducky instead. (You'd build your own though, because $50 for an HID lacking an actual "Human Interface" is insane)

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