I took 5 meters of a WS2811 LED strip, an Arduino, an old 12V power supply and a bunch of nails to make an adjustable mood light. It can do many things, from slowly fading between adjacent colours of the rainbow to a strobing, epileptic RGB nightmare.

10/10, perfect way to tinker through an evening. Plus, my room looks nicer now

@benthor Reminds me of my kitchen clock, created in much the same way (but with a PIR sensor to add some interactivity). If you want to reuse some code, feel free: (the WiFi password in this sketch is already changed ^^)

@benthor One end point: A tiny loop of solid isolated wire soldered to the ends with a nail through. Another end point: solid isolated wire around the nail, "hooking" on one LED. Corners: I simply laid the strip around a nail. Nails can be pulled out of that wall easily. Holds without problems for over a year now. Hope the photos give you a better idea than this text ^^

@benthor But you've got the IP65 strip with the silicon layer, am I right? Then I concede that it may not be that easy as on my IP30 strip, I presume...

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