@alinanorakari awyeah! You can use nasu to create uxn compatible graphics btw, until you spin your own sprite editor, it might be a useful tool: wiki.xxiivv.com/site/nasu.html

@neauoire (I made the test sprite in dexe using its bit dot preview column … hehe)

@alinanorakari nice :) That's the best way to understand how pixels correspond to bits in a byte!

@neauoire I have a prety good intuition what bit pattern a byte would have and dexe helped me verify or correct my assumptions

@neauoire thank you very much. I think I stocked my reading tablet well now

@alinanorakari What kind of magic did you do to convert the different wiki pages to remarkable-friendly format? Is it dependent on using the cloud features/app?

@benthor oh and I use the reader feature of my browser on some if the menu and other fluff is too much before printing because it isolates the article


@alinanorakari Just found out: when printing to PDF in Firefox, you can go to "More Settings" and under "Format" specify "Simplified" for pretty much the same effect.

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