Small admin notebook design. My mouth is literally watering, why doesn't this or something similar exist yet?

I'm trying to find out after whom this salt shaker is modeled. Found it in @mouldyCat 's kitchen. Might be Sokrates but I'm not entirely sure. Any ideas?

ISS commercial crew, Boeing vs SpaceX 

I took 5 meters of a WS2811 LED strip, an Arduino, an old 12V power supply and a bunch of nails to make an adjustable mood light. It can do many things, from slowly fading between adjacent colours of the rainbow to a strobing, epileptic RGB nightmare.

10/10, perfect way to tinker through an evening. Plus, my room looks nicer now

Found my old Neo Freerunner 

Found my old Neo Freerunner 

"Aufgrund der Störung am Betriebsfahrzeug muss der Lockführer jetzt mal für fünf Minuten das Licht ausmachen." -> Und Zack, zappenduster.

Ich weiß, es ist jammern auf hohem Niveau, aber ich fühle mich trotzdem jedes Mal ein kleines bisschen verarscht...

Inner European border shortly before going down below the canal

Waaay too paranoid/conscientious. Train only leaves in half an hour. Bookstore to the rescue.

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