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S L U S H W A V E 2 0 2 2

Day 1 begins today at 1pm EDT // 6pm BST

Tune in to the live event at the links below:

cya there 💜

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Here is a reminder that Kim Wexler is one of the best written television characters of all time. For many including me, she is the best & once again I am concerned about her.

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No gym but did pushups and sit-ups till i couldnt do it anymore as a morning routine. Trying to force myself to not be lazy (like i have been past 2 years). Music i like helps i learned. Super far away from being satisfied atm but gotta start somewhere with early steps

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Eilenberg to the K-theory of a stable ∞-category with countable direct sums:

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i stole this from reddit. thinking about n bisl buffen etzert

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Yo, these friendlies got a little heated all of a sudden 🥵

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can't believe Elon added this to Twitter already

(hold T and like)

mobile: triple tap like

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wenn männer nicht unterm patriarchat leiden wie erklärt ihr dann die existenz dieser hosen

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niemand auf der feier schätzt meinen @machin3gir1@twitter.com pulli wert :(

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