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The virgin programmer
The chad developer

Don't you love when websites tell how to get rid of their cookies it's through the browser settings?

tired: choosing a stable OS that's decent for a server and has proven itself in the industry
wired: choosing an OS for a server with a rolling release so you expect it to break and learn from it

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Time to get my giant tiger breeding program on the way.

I like to create worlds in Dwarf Fortress and watch the death counter go up. Makes me feel like a callous god.

Is there a way to silence individual workspaces in i3 or do I have to program that myself?

Be a guy with glasses. All the advantages of people being unwilling to hit you without being a girl.

Maybe poor people wouldn't be poor if they didn't buy stuff they need.

tired: getting a haircut because it's getting too long
wired: getting a haircut because of character growth

New thing I want to do: work on developer tooling, IDEs, version control, continual integration, the works. Basically just stuff to make what I do easier for me.

I should name an original program Fork, just to fuck with people.

I don't suppose anybody on here has any good resources on learning Plankalkül?

Huh, I guess a Plankalkül-Compiler already exists. What does prevent me from writing an OS with it? Other than the extreme difficulty of it that is.

>people saying Fortran was the first programming language