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i'm besserwisser, i wanna learn about tech and do stuff but i mostly shitpost all the time

Actually changed my font to Hack now and it's so much nicer. Maybe I should try out the programming language then as well.

One of those is a programming language, the other a typeface.

I don't think I played a Sonic game in my life.

This book is literally about a guy named Chad learning to program.

Code isn't wonderful or beautiful. At best, it's practical.

You're not a loser or a winner anymore, you're a virgin or a chad.

Is that a battleship in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

I might prefer to be a developer instead of a technical writer. Or a sysadmin. I'll have to think about this.

Apparently I had like 2 photos and one other thing shared, so it wasn't like I was using it much anyway.

Did a commit yesterday but because the pull request was rejected today, I officially made two contributions in Github.

Did my first contribution to FOSS in a while.

Only eating brown M&Ms because chocolate is brown is stupid when artificial coloring is probably the healthiest part of one.

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