i thought this was a warhammer 40k fan instance

I wanna be a technical writer but it's also one of the most social of technical roles, apart from customer-facing positions. And that scares me.

gotta love at some people who think being rich is a profession

fascism comes from fasces, which means sticks, which means fascists are fags

i used to make fun of someone for using linux

now i make fun of them for using ubuntu

almost made a political post today. kinda hate it would be political but whatever, i wanna keep the drama away

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i have no idea what i'm supposed to read for the seminar tomorrow, so i'll just read nothing and wing it

ok, i got r markdown now but nobody told me i had to pick a repo

r markdown won't let me install it, must be garbage

i should get a master degree, just so my boss is more likely to listen to my suggestions

did a bit of research on technical writing and now i'm up to two online courses i want to take and two books i want to read about the topic

i'm sitting here, contemplating if i should run ms office with wine because employers want me to use it, when the entire reason they require it is because "everyone already uses it

granted, i have a small screen right now, but still

yeah, thanks, i totally needed the top of the page following me around and taking up half the screen, dickhead

tired: not looking at lewds
wired: not looking at lewds and boosting them

XML is not a markup language unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning doc system made useful by Atom, DocBook, DITA and other specifications.

Learning about the documentation of the Linux kernel is interesting. Appearently it was really messy and to some extent it still is. But they relatively recently changed things by moving away from DocBook and towards Asciidoc, reST and Sphinx.

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