Hey #35c3, I've been thinking.

#Thread on why we need queer feminist hackerspaces. ⤵️

#feminism #hackerspaces #PTSD #RapeCulture

On #Day2 I was on the panel #FeministPerspectives for @le_Reset@twitter.com. When someone asked how we could merge "men hackerspaces" and "women hackerspaces", I answered something about how we don't have the same issues and we're not interested in "men hackerspaces" topics.

Afterwards, that got me thinking. Of course I'm interested in those topics. I've been coming to the #CCC for the past 5 years. I used to go to "regular" hackerspaces before we created @le_Reset@twitter.com. I'm a member of "regular" geek groups like @LaQuadrature

And frankly, as we have discussed with other women and queers at the #35c3, nerds at the CCC might just be the least harassing kind of straight males. So, why do we need queer feminist hackerspaces ?

I remembered why on #Day3, when I attended a talk on hacking sextoys. That talk was great. It was interesting, it was funny, I had a great time. Until the rape joke.

Sure, having a so-called "secure" systems with all main ports active and detectable is funny. I'm not sure illustrating it with a rape analogy gif was essential, though.

I don't know wether the trigger was the imagery, the analogy, or the fact that 3 000 nerds were laughing about it. What I know is I've been crying continuously for the next 24h, and having nightmares for the past three nights.

Statistics show that 1 women out of 5 has or will experience sexual assault in her life. How many of them do you think end up with a PTSD ?



I was there, I laughed about the portscan joke and it didn't come to my mind it was about rape. I am sorry this happend to you and I hope future talks will be more thoughtful regarding those kind of trigger-sensitive topics so fewer people have to go trough, what you've experienced.

But I am not shure about your solution to the problem...

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