This is going to be a very unpopular take, but there needs to be a FOSS answer to metaverse and it needs to be good.

Because let's not kid ourselves, but the metaverse is about the worst diysopia you could imagine and people will want it.

And if it is a pill some are willing to take, I think next to the blue one there should also be a red one ;)

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why is one project I found built around NFTs?


@betalars kinda agree, though i think the “it needs to be good” part will be hard — i guess right now things like mozilla hubs (which iirc even has VR support) or (stretching the concept a bit) workadventure come closest, but tbh these aren’t particularly nice to deal with (neither to deploy nor to use), and both have problems with the CPU load. Also neither of them federate, so it’s just isolated pods.

(legal foo also gets bad quickly. The fediverse is mostly fine, but actually running an event in an online space and putting “well you might accidentally end up having video chats controlled by servers we don’t even know about if you just walk for a bit” in the data protection statement sounds like asking for trouble — but of course if you put a warning screen before switching servers it breaks the immersion. One’d have to somehow side-step that I guess, but no idea how …)

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