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Gut erklärte Einführung zum Thema CWs - fand ich (besonders als Noob hier) sehr hilfreich. Danke @larsreineke.

My colleague has just cancelled our meeting for this afternoon, and though I was looking forward to it, I (a) was not as well prepared as I wanted to be and (b) spent too long on something else yesterday & have a backlog of other stuff today. So yay, I can get back on track. :) friends: @kawaiipunk is looking for leads on accommodation for :

Please contact them directly rather than replying to me about this.

My laptop is completely bare of stickers.

I am not in a position, geographically or financially, where I go to tech events where they give out such things.

So I am making a request! If anyone has any fun stickers they want rid of, especially anything to do with LGBTQ rights or free software, let me know. I would love to brighten up my computer. 🌈 💻

University open day: when suddenly you have more than twice as many students as usual in your 8am course. 😅 Isn't it lucky that I read the open day programme and knew in advance that my classes were on the list of those they were encouraged to attend? Have just forewarned my colleagues, who had no idea.

Watching my country of birth implode. It isn't fun. :(

Hoo-flipping-ray - I spent hours yesterday trying and failing to find a suitable text for an assignment. Within just one hour today I have found a text, edited and formated it appropriately, and uploaded it to the course platform. \o/

Gerade Ausgeburt als Hausgeburt verlesen, und heute früh schwindelfrei als windelfrei. Weiß gerade nicht, ob ich zum Optiker oder in die Psychoanalyse gehen sollte.

Haha, there's a "Poo Storm" Icon in Font Awesome 5. 😍

Too many reasons to use it! 🤯

... And indeed on Monday, the actual day there “should” be fireworks.

Much love to all those who for whom fireworks are Not Great for whatever reason tonight and tomorrow night x

on the menu tonight 

I’m making a big bowl of chunky sweet potato fries with smoked paprika and sage. Probably a tahini dip to go with them. 😋

Guten Morgen. Heute hoffe ich auf weniger Begegnungen mit diesem Trump-Pumpkin-Bild. Hat gestern jedes Mal eine unangenehme Aggression in mir ausgelöst.

Feeling frustrated that I can’t mute certain words and hashtags on here, however hard I try. 🙄 Not sure if it’s me, Mastodon or Amaroq that’s at fault. 🤔

reminder that "samhain" is a Gaelic word and as such is not pronounced "sam-hane" but rather more like "sow-in"

PSA, boosts 

Also, if you read something, and it gives you an emotional, visceral response, just wait ten seconds or so before hitting that BOOST button.

Think: "Would I post this myself? Do I want to bash this into everyone else's timelines as if I posted it myself?"

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PSA, boosts 

Is your timeline getting a bit overwhelming? Turn off the display of boosts for a while and it'll feel a lot more friendly, quiet and relaxing.

The stuff that tends to get boosted is so often the kind of thing that Goes Viral on other sites - anger, outrage, fighting. I was finding the ANGRY POSTS about how SHIT THE WORLD IS a bit much. Without boosts on your timeline, you might find it quieter but a lot more pleasant.

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