Hab nach .0 auch noch mal den ersten Teil gehört.

Jetzt weiß ich immerhin schon, was an die neue Kellertür kommt :D

rant about mandatory proprietary #apps 

I just bought some with and (active noise canceling).

While they were quite pricy, you can't really use them without installing the , invasive (reports.exodus-privacy.eu.org/) app from .

Why can't they provide a simple, open source app just for configuration?

So, if you don't want to install crap on your phone, you may shoud skip the bose headphones.

When you just decided to speed up your bothroom visits by letting your smartphone outside:

Hacking non-smart watches 🛠️⌚ 

Has anyone experience with bluetooth watches?

I found some patches / snippets in their android app, it looks a bit like CR16c, but I'm not sure.

The model on Hand is GW-B5600 (module 3461) and has some limited BLE functionality.

fccid.io/BBQS0DW has only pictures with blobs.

Reversing the firmware would not be just cool, but maybe offer cool features like TOTP or other stuff.

🛠️ ⌚

#hardware #reversing #re #bloodpressure #hacking 

Got myself a cheap bloodpressure measurment device:

* found the serial port
* got somekind of internal mode

Maybe I'll try to get into it.
But I've not heard of JL or AC19CK… but chenbingdom.com seems to manufacture chips with the JL label.

Finally put some of my index on inventaire.io/inventory/bg

Since the import feature does not automatically merge books, it looks like I got nearly every book three times.

Currently my inventory is only visible for friends. I'm not sure if I should make it public.

Any ideas?

Endlich wieder Grün auf der Fensterbank 😊🌿🌵

Ich hoffe, dass sich das kleine Ding wieder berappelt und mir nicht versehentlich zu nahe kommt.

Unwichtiges aus dem Alltag 

Da will ich die Gehäuseschale von meinem Dect-Phone wieder andrücken, und muss feststellen, dass auch dieser Akku Blähungen hat. :/

Könnten Akkus das nicht reporten, dass sie nicht mehr sicher sind?

Irgendwie doof diese ganzen Gefahren erst durch Zufall zu entdecken.


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