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Are you a queer leftist who lives near Berlin and would like to play in an amateur ska punk band?

Do you play bass guitar or maybe even some brass instrument? (You really don't have to be any good, it's punk)

Do you have some time to spare each week to practice and write songs together?

If so, send me a dm.
I'm currently in the process of writing some songs and I'd love to have other people play them with me.

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Music software 

Wow, GarageBand on macOS doesn't just not have a beat sequencer, it also doesn't really have drum kits that allow one to play their own beats, basically forcing the use of the "smart drummers"..

That's not great.

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“Cryptocurrency is literally like an eight-year-old’s concept of an evil businessman. He just plugs his pollution machine in and gets money for it. It doesn’t make anything, it just. Pollutes. And makes money. Like a fucking Captain Planet villain”


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user hostile design 

What the actual fuck Reddit?

I was in the middle of reading a guide for a game I just started and suddenly this popped up.

This is even worse than the annoying popups and reject shaming. ("I don't like cats" to close the popup without installing an app)

Fuck off!

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Other people: "Oh no, my partner looked at someone else, I bet they no longer love me."

Polyam people: *Laying in bed together, brainstorming a good response to someone admitting a crush to one of them

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A smol danger floof and a wild danger floof friends♥️

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Break in scare but with funny reason 

After spending multiple days away from home for the first time in literally years, I got half a panic attack, finding the lights on and a lamp on the floor.

The reason: apparently some infrared lights came through the window and turned on our remotely controlled lights as well as our vacuum robot who went on a bit of a riot

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#ccc media.ccc.de/v/gpn20-45-the-st The State of Analog Photography and how to build a bridge towards the Digital Domain (gpn20): Why it is still cool to expose silver halides to light and how to convert them into pixels.

Analog photography has often been claimed dead and obsolete. However, quite the opposite is the case: It has merely transformed from the mostly functional technology it used to be towards...

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I would like to (dis)prove something my transphobic father said.
#transgender people, did you choose a name that’s a diminutive of or sounds like your deadname?
Preferably boost for a larger sample size.

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Zwei Jahre haben Verantwortliche auf Maskenverweigerer mit Schulterzucken und "Tja, kann ich nix machen" reagiert.
-Orga : "Halt meinen Tschunk, während ich dem Querdulli Hausverbot erteile und rausschmeiße."

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i read a thing recently that blew my mind a little.
went something like:

people can imagine time travel to the past and one little act making massive differences in the timeline

but in their present they think even the greatest effort they can put in will not make any difference to the future

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Disclaimer: Nach 2.5 Jahren Isolation bin ich nicht unbedingt weniger awkward was mit Menschen interagieren angeht. x)

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Endlich wieder \o/

As always: Wenn irgendwer mir Hi sagen will, gerne machen oder mir schreiben. ^^

(Und bitte nicht böse verstehen wenn ich wen nicht wiedererkenne, die Masken machen das leider nicht einfacher. 😅)

Hat zufällig irgendwer hier ein iPhone 12 Mini? Ich hätte zwei Hüllen dafür übrig (eins mit holographischen Farben und ein schwarzes mit Kätzchen in non-binary Pride-Farben ^^)
Gerne per DM melden :3

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