Going through some geotagged photos from a surveying expidition. And I'm still not 100% happy. The location of photos is often quite off. Good thing I took so many photos so I can deduce where things are.

@rory I often use . I capture a track and take photos with this app. The advantage is you can SET the coords within the app on the map. A feature I dearly miss on the IOS-App.

@bitnapper I've used #OSMAnd for editing (& general offline #OSM usage). I haven't used the photo feature yet, but I've found editing to be overly combersum. Too many button taps to upload!

@rory I stopped using for editing but I use it to take geotagged photo, audio and text notes and offline mapping. This worked very well vor me in regions without cellular coverage. But the forms could be better. I've tried to contact the OSMAnd team but never got a reply.

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