@inventaire I get the attached error when trying to add Q104868864 to my inventaire. Can you tell me what that means?

@bitnapper support for Wikidata editions in Inventaire is kind of in an in-between state: those editions are ignored in most of the app (see github.com/inventaire/inventai), but when someone goes directly to the inventaire page for such an edition, they are not blocked from interacting with it as with any edition, but it breaks here and there :/

@bitnapper I can't reproduce the first error, so I would guess this was due to the missing associated work entity, which as been added since then on Q104868864

@bitnapper for the 2nd error, book cover images is an Inventaire property (invp:P2), not a Wikidata property, as we have more lax rules on copyright than Wikidata (assuming our right to fair use). To have book cover on your inventory items, the current solution would be re-create the corresponding editions in Inventaire, and re-create your inventory items from those

@inventaire Plenty of editions in the wikidata are linked to the open library (OL…M) and they also have the covers. Maybe you add those.

@inventaire I can’t get rid of this error. It appears when I search for the Wikidata ID an try to add it.

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