I Spend the last few days connection objects between and , fixing waterway relations and adding details to osm and wd. I hope I didnβ€˜t break anything.

Is there a good mobile iOS editor for which especially highlights objects where common tags are missing and helps completing them? As I recall there was a web based service which is not working anymore and there is StreetComplete for Android but nothing for iOS. Any hints?

Beim Wandern mache ich hΓ€ufig viele Fotos als β€žNotizen” fΓΌr woraus mir iOS Photos dann immer vΓΆllig absurde RΓΌckblicke mit Trafostationen, Bushaltestellen und Hydranten generiert

Warum kann man bei die Entfernung zwischen zwei Punkten per Luflunie nicht abfragen – dieses Feature vermisse ich immer wieder

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