field day last Saturday. Fields looking a lot better than 4 years ago, mouth more growth by trees and shrubbery. Fields are more defined.

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📣 Our CFP is now open! 📢

We're looking forward to seeing all your creativity!

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Next weekend: FIELD DAY!

There will be time to scout the terrain and meet your fellow-organizers, of course keeping responsible distance.

Joining? Sign up THIS WEEKEND (so we can plan the BBQ accordingly).

Starting to get to know this beast of a bike (for Dutch values) better and better. I’ve been going to the local trail(s) every now and then but today I finally went around it at speeds resembling those of a few years ago.

One week holiday (for now). Trying really hard not to look at anything that resembles work. With just a week off and temperatures like this, doing nothing at all feels really nice for a change. It’s only a so-so replacement for a cycling holiday but it will have to do.

Oh, hi there! I seem to have found my login again. Needed a new client:-(

Synthi (right) and clone at last Saturday. Ye olde synthesizer. We’re trying to organize more synthesizer related events.

I’m quite certain I have found an, at best, documentation error in netfilter. Worst case it’s a bug. Now I have to find a way to prove it to the devs....

For my German friends. The most westerly point in the country. I was there so you don’t really have to ;-).

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OH1: Wir brauchen einen Gong!
OH2: Da steht doch ein Wagong!
cc @c3voc

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