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You asked for recommendations of books, here they are.

- The Dispossessed: For scifi folks. Utopian, anarchist, feminist scifi. ♥ Part of the Hainish cycle.
- Wizard of Earth: For fantasy folks. Coming of age story with a lot of plottage.
- Left Hand of Darkness: For SciFi folks. It's a take on gender's role from the 60s. Part of the Hainish Cycle.

(cc @tauli @vollkorn @sandzwerg @josch)

@rixx Thanks a lot. Just ordered 'The Dispossessed' and can't wait to start reading.

@josch Tell me what you think, once you've formed an opinion!

@rixx @rixx First impressions: Reading feels very strange, because no reading-flow seems to come. After many sentences/paragraphs I feel like hitten by an gigantic hammer (Example: Explanation of the wall at the very beginning). I rarely felt such an impact on my own thinking. Even small things let me stumple and stop reading.

Reading is for me leisure or information-gathering, where leisure can contain a certain amount of information. For open minds 'The Dispossessed' seems to be new kind of reading for me. I can't relax while reading this book, it always nudges my brain - and I enjoy it. Of course the reading time will increase drastically compared to another Science-Fiction book of this size (Example: Freedom from Danial Suarez is almost same size, but was a very fast read - at the end it's just a hollywood-compatible story which rarely nudged my brain with great impact).

If 'The Dispossessed' continues like this... Well... 'Hainish Cycle' I come!

Disclaimer: I'm reading the german translation 'Freie Geister'

@josch Hah, you inspired me to re-read it. It's as lovely as I remember.

I get your comment on the pacing, and I think it's not all that uncommon for 60s scifi – there's lot of great scifi there that is paced slowly in terms of action, but buries you in new concepts at an incredible pace. I *love* the feeling of my brain coming up against this.

The Left Hand of Darkness definitely had a similar style. Even her fantasy series (Earthsea) is *very* dense.

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@rixx @josch Hm, the german translation of "The Dispossessed" is available via Onleihe. Sounds like I should give it a read too :)

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