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✨Hi new followers! A short introduction:✨
I love generative stuff of all sorts! I make them into bots ( @beetlesbot ), stickers, fabrics, light installations or pen plots.
I also like crafting a lot! Pottery, weaving, wooly stuff.
I want to get more into game dev and hardware!

To keep track of my progress, I started a video series ("Work in Progress") to document a bit of behind the scenes stuff of what I do. They are available with English subtitles:

I reworked most of my code because I misunderstood how uniform growth is working. Here we are again - slow as heck, but somewhat working.

First try growing my chair seat pattern with uniform growth. As you can see, I messed up some region calculations: some veins are crossing each other.

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Inspiration for today's #inkyDays drawing comes from the experiments @bleeptrack has been posting recently. Growth, and branching, and lots of dots.

#generative #art #ink #drawing

newest drawing at bottom of post: InkyDays 06/12/19 -

That red fluff from our neighboring farm is so cute, I can't even...
Too bad they don't care about their cats much, but I put food out for him so he comes for a visit once in a while :3

Can someone recommend me a good ps1 game with great story?

My scholarship request for WikidataCon was accepted ✨🎉✨

Doing so while sipping genmaicha from my @nervous_system coral cup. I didn't choose the genart life. The genart life chose me.

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The candy is now available to order from my etsy shop. I'm super happy with how they turned out! #sciart #biology #sciviz #scicomm #cellbiology #mastoart

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