35c3.bleeptrack.de circuit generator update:
- PR added 2 new symbols: LED, Battery
- improved textbox placement
- fixed coil scaling issue

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RT @jugendhackt@twitter.com: Über 450 technikbegeisterte Mädchen und Jungen haben in diesem Jahr bei Jugend hackt mit ihren Prototypen und Ideen die Welt verbessert. Auch 2019 haben wir viel vor und freuen uns über Unterstützung! jugendhackt.org/spenden

🐦🔗: twitter.com/jugendhackt/status

A bit late because I have a cold: Work in Progress 8. About 35c3 Circuit Generator, Jugend hackt Ulm and overflower sewing: youtu.be/1BeeWRjYPuY

Hey Mastodon Academia: would you say it's a bad idea starting a PhD with a topic that is rather "far away" from other PhD student's topics in the institute?

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Bald ist es um, dieses tolle Jahr... Ein riesiges Dankeschön an alle, die 2018 bei uns gehackt und geholfen, uns gefördert und unterstützt haben. ♥️ DANKE! Ohne euch geht es nicht.

And here is the first shoulder strap bag from my generative fabric 👍

First pillow case done. Incl. hidden zipper. 3 more to come!

It's nearly 2:00 am. I'm in my bed reading a paper about Wave Function Collapse Algorithm. If I ever start a dissertation again, it needs to be about procedural generation!

Looks like konkludenz's and my project idea was not accepted at prototype fund . But I'm looking forward to the winner announcement in the next few days. I'm sure they will be awesome!

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This week I'll start sewing some pieces from my generative fabric. But I'm not sure how how many pieces to make. So what do you prefere? pillow case vs gym bag

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