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✨Hi new followers! A short introduction:✨
I love generative stuff of all sorts! I make them into bots ( @beetlesbot ), stickers, fabrics, light installations or pen plots.
I also like crafting a lot! Pottery, weaving, wooly stuff.
I want to get more into game dev and hardware!

To keep track of my progress, I started a video series ("Work in Progress") to document a bit of behind the scenes stuff of what I do. They are available with English subtitles:


Illusion of The Year 2019 Winner

It's based on a simple Lissajous curve, but uses clever shading/highlighting to create a 'double-axis' illusion



Dank und prepared für den


Every few month I'm like: why is there no open German WordNet?! Argh!

Stuff you maybe did not know about me: I played a gossiping medieval Lady in a Point&Click Adventure from 2010.


It is working!
My oscilloscope output for's Design-Generator looks good.

Get your analoge oscilloscope out and try it your self:

I'm looking forward to furter improvment until my talk stage at day2



I guess random photos that look a bit like a game and searching the matching music is my new thing

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Habe heute die Tische mit dem tollen Blätterdesign von @bleeptrack benutzt um bestehende Designs zu erweitern. Die passen überall dran - Mega design :D


i just realized i never tweeted this art!

putting the 🌸 soft 🌸 in software


In retrospect the video should have more visual and more structured explanations. Guess I should code the examples beforehand, so I have better visuals and can also explain it more fluently. But it also takes way more time. Room to improve :)

Wanna know how the Generator works? I explain the most important details in my new WiP:

And if you want to feel really old: you can play Diablo1 in the browser:

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