I'm gonna talk about learning in online communities this weekend to a crowd of teachers. Should I add this slide?

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InkyDays is now a Zine! First test of scanning and printing my drawings has gone well, but I'm only printing a small batch. Pre-order my First Zine: featuring #inkyDays drawings, coloring pages, and more etsy.me/2TduhMq

#generative #art #ink #drawing #zine

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Being a Cyborg is quite comfortable at university

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Hey there! I'm searching for a selfhosting solution for image galleries. Website should be minimalist and responsive. Koken sadly is no usable solution :(

Any ideas? Thanks for your help! ❤️

Wheee, look what I found in my local thrift store! Seems to work but has seen dust from hell.

My mum sewed reversible placemats from overflower fabric 😍

WiP6: about my trip to japan, procjam and my fluffy generative coat (English subtitles) youtu.be/iMyhUGgG7ik

Today was the first time a company hired me as a freelancer for my tech skills. I'll build a prototype for them. Exciting!

I'm thinking about selling some pillowcases and bags with overflower fabric. I rendered some possible color palettes. Please help me to decide which to print: easypolls.net/poll.html?p=5be0

I present to you: overflower fluffy coat. Shell fabric is designed by my code. Each flower is unique. And of course it has pockets!

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