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✨Hi new followers! A short introduction:✨
I love generative stuff of all sorts! I make them into bots ( @beetlesbot ), stickers, fabrics, light installations or pen plots.
I also like crafting a lot! Pottery, weaving, wooly stuff.
I want to get more into game dev and hardware!

To keep track of my progress, I started a video series ("Work in Progress") to document a bit of behind the scenes stuff of what I do. They are available with English subtitles:

Oh well, that Patreon messaging backend is a bit messed up m(

Some Patreon News:
🎁Goodies: 10$+ get a fancy generative Goodie 2x a year!
🖊️"Thank You" Present: all Patrons will get a small present at the beginning of February. Be quick and join if you want one!
➡️ Complete Info here:

The next WiP video will be delayed for 1 week (> I'll record next weekend). I first need to set up all my stuff in my new room/on my new PC. Takes a bit longer than I thought. Sorry for that!

Still reworking one room to become my new studio. Found my friendship book from '99. Naw!

Had a nice genart workshop today! Thanks everyone for coming!
Also learned a lot about group dynamics and that I need to announce the workshop content differently/more precisely if the potential participants are not in the tech bubble. I'll improve this :)

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I'll give a workshop on generativ art tomorrow and and all available places are taken! There will be a lot of coding and pen plotting action \o/

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