If you need some nerdy shirts for 35c3, there is currently -15% Code: CYBER18
My Shop:!/
Or get your personal generative @beetlesbot shirt over on

@bleeptrack @beetlesbot oh gosh... why did you post this...? *goes and searches some money between the couch pillows*

@bleeptrack @beetlesbot do you make the shirts by yourself or is this a service? If this is a service can you tell me something about the quality auf these T-Shirts? I like it when my clothes have a min. lifespan of 2-3 years even with extensive wearing.

It's a service (spreadshirt). Print is direct printing, so normally shirts should last 2-3 years with no problem if washed inside out (and maybe not worn every day ;) ).
Downside is that colors are not super vibrant.
But I only have Shirts and Hoodies. Don't know the quality of other stuff.

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