This week I'll start sewing some pieces from my generative fabric. But I'm not sure how how many pieces to make. So what do you prefere? pillow case vs gym bag

@bleeptrack I'd probably start with pillowcases, 'cause almost everybody is using one each night!

Also… I'd definitely take two 80x40 ones! :3


Not sure how good they will go as sleeping pillows as the fabric is rather hard. I thought about 50x50 decorative couch pillows, so the Ikea Inlays will fit :)

@bleeptrack @blinry wait, you say there is no such thing like a Standard Small Pillow? I thought so because I only have 40x40 pillows, and never happened to meet another small size :-O

Nope, don't think there is a real Standard :/ but most square ones are something between 40x40 and 50x50 afaik

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