@bleeptrack Oh I will, I willlll! Can we choose the text? This is so cool.

@bleeptrack So cool! 😍 (Not coming to congress but maybe a friend of mine can bring one along. :D)

@bleeptrack And I'm not there... :(

Someday, when we meet at last, I'll pay for $BeverageOfYourChoice. Just out of admiration of your work. (And because of the Mastodon Stickers that reached me from MRMCD.)

Oh noooes! But we will definitly meet soon at another Chaos Event ❤️

@bleeptrack @daniel_bohrer I sure am hoping that I'll make it to GPN, MRMCD, Hackover, GlüPN and Congress next year!

(Incidentally, is there any chaos event before June?)

@daniel_bohrer @bleeptrack Ah, right. (Dangit, not here in Dortmund.)

Anyway, I'd appreciate to be notified if you know of anything, even small events. Bonus if you're there ^^

Good morning, @bleeptrack. What type of plotter are you using there?

@bleeptrack Plotting is love. If you dial the speed down, it's so relaxing to just sit there and watch the machine do it's thing.

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