There are those rewind cables... do you know of any that only wind one side of the cable so the box stays at one cable end? Like the rewind mechanism of a vacuum cleaner cable?

@bleeptrack I think, if I recall correctly, the last one I used both sides expand and the box ends up in the middle of the cable.

@kurzgedanke Yep, these are the ones I know of, too. But sadly that would not suit my use case :(

@bleeptrack And now I'm wondering... how does that work mechanically? I mean, if it uses slider contacts, you would have noise on the data lines whenever you move it, possibly even on the power lines; and it'd be getting worse over time. OTOH, if it uses the same mechanics as the inline reel, it would need some room to dump the unwound cable inside itself without tangling it nor blocking itself... I just can't get my head around how that box would work reliably.

Yep, had the same thoughts. I think as long as the cables are for charging it's fine with sliding contacts? But the chinese manufacturer also builds them with data.. might be interesting to take one apart 😏 but I think these pretty much will suck.

@bleeptrack Well, you've got me nerdsniped until I came up with this. Problem might be that the circular spring needs to be stronger than the pull generated from the other springs...

@anathem @bleeptrack You could just drop the reel completely, add some locking mechanism for the cable and get the same result with half the cable length necessary

@robelix @bleeptrack BWAHAHAAA... okay, if I'm nerdsniped I tend to overengineer things, it seems. :D

@anathem @robelix
Actually I think the reel is still pretty neat because so you can a "lock" the cable when it is pulled out. Otherwise you will always have a pull on the cable.

@bleeptrack It would twist the cable on the inside, so it would need brushes (like in vacuum cleaners) or inductive coupling. Everything way more complicated and/or less reliable.

@bleeptrack this, but for audio cables..

Been wanting to 3d print something like that, but my printer needs recalibration and maybe some issues to deal with, and I've been too lazy lately.

@bleeptrack jack cables.. Like to ones typically used for headphones/earplugs.(Not the smaller one..) Tbh not sure what they're called..

Cables i touch less than once a week, i'll just deal with some mess 🙂

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