If you were to design a utility belt for tech people. What would the features be?

@ices @bleeptrack multitool holder, pocket for soldering iron gaz and soldering iron clip.

@jinxx @ices @bleeptrack oh yes definitely, I was already thinking lately that I need a mate belt holder for

@ices @bleeptrack

Built in wifi and cell signal blocker. For when you need some quiet time.

@bleeptrack optical cable polisher, BT to 3,5mm jack adapter, clip for all those 60+ nuts from the iFixit kit, led flashlight, integrated breadboard...

@bleeptrack battery pack, flashlight and something to attach a bis a$$ roll of gaffa :)

It should be able to hold at least the persons weight * 3 Belts with that classical "1 pin fits a hole" design are useless, the pin would possibly break. It should have a ciccada or a electronic circuit visual somewhere. ;). Nice to have: The option to carry some tools, a smartphone, a usbdingdong. Color: Black or gray or rainbowish, no military look please.

BTW: Nice to see you here and thanks für the stylish grafics.

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