What would you do different if you would study at university again? What tips would you give to a freshman? (Crowdsourcing for a flyer/zine)

Failing is okay. Try to talk with your profs/administration as soon as possible to fix all the stupid mistake that will happen. Always (!) be nice to administrative people.

@bleeptrack I wouldn’t switch universities again just because my awesome peer group did, and I would have had to move in with my parents again. Cost me my degree in the end (if nothing else).

Put yourself first, no matter how awesome your peer group is. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t surround yourself with fantastic and inspiring individuals, but you shouldn’t be tempted to make decisions only with those people in mind instead of your education.

(not sure if this is actually helpful)

@bleeptrack printing the “standard period of study is a lie” wall tattoo 4 semester earlier. And try to move as close to the university as possible. Long commute ways are way heavier as you initial think.


Where does the money that I pay for university go? Where or how can I shape decisions about it? 💸

If it's in Germany: regulations about Bafög, Langzeitstudien-Gebühren (depends) and Urlaubssemster should be clear.

I didn't, and not many do, but it helps to know your Studien- and Prüfungsordnung.

Sry, complete denglish-f***-up. 😌

@culicid @bleeptrack jaaa! Prüfungsordnung lesen. Ganz wichtig. Hat mir sehr viel Stress genommen, da einige Sachen, (vielleicht auch aus guten Gründen) bei Einführungsveranstaltungen verschwiegen werden.^^

@bleeptrack the only reason to go there is either getting into research or training your brains stamina.
It's just that for some jobs, you need the degree. However, if you do not focus on studying too hard and use all the opportunities outside of university you can take a lot with you. And you get access to great resources for learning things your interested in. It is mostly about studying for yourself and taking things into your own hands, if you want to have fun studying.

@bleeptrack Use a better learning technique than shoving everything in a night before the exam. (Recently read an article about Anki,, I'd use that for example.) Also, don't underestimate the value of rote memorization of basics in your field. (The aforementioned article covers that as well.) To be honest, after reading it I thought, »now I want to go back to university and do it all better this time«.

@bleeptrack and another one.^^

Taking mental health issue more serious and looking for help way earlier.

@bleeptrack Mit "Regelstudienzeit" ist "Mindeststudiendauer" gemeint.

Man sollte sich nicht an der Regelstudienzeit messen, sondern wenn überhaupt an der durchschnittlichen Studienzeit (kann teilweise beim Prüfungsamt abgefragt werden).

Can I sneak peek the flyer when you're done?

Sure! I'll post it when I have a printable version. :)

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