Have you seen @blinry and my project for ? We wrote a Card Deck Generator for Top Trumps like card games. Check out our examples or throw in your own prefered Wikidata Q-number!

@bleeptrack @blinry if you want feedback, I would propose to center the images on the cards :)

They actually should be centered 🤔 maybe we forgot to do so. Thanks!

@bleeptrack @daniel_bohrer Fixed, thanks a lot! We'd love to continue working on this, so if you spot anything else, hit us up! :)

@blinry the warpcore of Stratum 0 looks much better now, thanks \o/ :D

@daniel_bohrer Ha, thanks for adding the properties! This is exactly the effect we hoped for! :D

@draemmli @bleeptrack Uhhh~, I like the telescope one! Also, may we quote you with what you said on the website? :)))

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