I'm wondering: should I completely switch to english in my videos, despite being a non-native speaker? Are EN subtitles enough? They take extremely long to write. But they also would help hearing impaired people. What do you think?

@bleeptrack If you feel comfortable speaking English, you can reach a larger audience on youtube. I don't think there are lot of German speaking people who don't understand English, at least in your audience.

Love your WiP videos by the way <3

@uint8_t @bleeptrack

there's a lot of UK folk I tell about CCC/ die Jugend hackt and all the other projects, but not everyone understands German (mine is getting just about good enough to follow your videos though)

maybe use one of those autocue programmes (there are freeware ones about I was using last time I did any radio work), and/or do a few shorter trailers in English that encourage people to look at the subtitled videos (I think more Brits should learn at least some German too)

The folks you deal with are usually able to talk an read english. So give it a try and watch da feedback. Plan?

Trust me, once you begin speaking English you'll be good in no time :D

Good question.

I like your videos like they are right know.

English subtitles are a good idea... but switching the complete video language to english sounds not stupid too.

I would prefer that the videos stay in german.

@bleeptrack Youtube's built in text-to-speech for automatic subtitles is quite good. After they have been generated you can proofread and correct them. Much faster than writing them from scratch.

Tried that. But when I also need to translate it, it felt that writing it from scratch is way faster than auto-transcript -> correct -> auto-translate -> correct :/

@bleeptrack @jugendhackt If you have a German transcript, YouTube is really good at syncing it to your video and generating subtitles which you can then translate to English. Might be less effort than manually syncing English subtitles.

When I do synchronous interpretation of conference talks, I advise speakers to go for English if they’re confident in it and for German if they’re nervous about their English. Your written English is good, so maybe give it a shot?

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