What I learned the hard way today: I need business cards.

@bleeptrack No, you need business succulents. Succulents in little pots with your details printed on them.

No one will ever throw one of those away. 👍

@bleeptrack No idea. If you find a good service, let me know! I also want to make some.

Use a small receipt printer and anyone gets a personal one.

@clerie @uint8_t *:* but sadly that printer paper is rather flimsy :/

Yes, thats true, but there are kinds of paper for theater tickets which are thicker. Or you can diy maybe.

@bleeptrack @clerie now I want a battery powered handheld dot matrix printer

@bleeptrack @uint8_t I have a 100€-labelprinter from Seiko in the office which has businesscard-sized paper available. Still rather thin, one-sided and only monochrome, but that's probably the best you can get with cheap thermal printing. We have expensice thermal printers for thick ticket paper, but no paper in business card size (and still only monochrome). Finding a proper print shop who can do it in color (there are professional inkjet printers which should do this nicely) is prob better

@uint8_t @bleeptrack @iona *tries to imagine algorithmically generated business succulents*
@bleeptrack maybe you get the other persons contact info first - and use those as inputs for generating the flowers ^^ but I have no idea how fast and/or good those little, battery powered, mobile printers are nowadays xD
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