You were both hoping for a bit of sun above the clouds, but there is none. You can share your disappointment.

Succulents also complete the vintage retro chic of german public transport fabrics. Great instagram shots guaranteed.

Every hotel feels like home with a cute succulent on your nightstand.

Rise and shine little succulent! If the leaves feel a bit squishy, your plant is thirsty. The daily shower routine is a great time check on your cute little fella.

Hopping from event to event is exhausting? Don't worry: little succulent buddy cheers you up!

After a rough day, your succulent will cuddle with you while you fall asleep. Everyone needs a snuggle buddy!

Watching movies with your succulent:
Pro: No need to share Snacks
Con: -

While waiting at 5:00 am for your train to arrive, you feel less lonley with a succulent in your hand. You even feel ecstatic*!
*Might also be due to missing sleep.

Did you know? Succulents are often used by DB (deutsche Bahn) travelers as lucky charms to prevent train delays.

✨ Home is where your succulents are ✨

Thanks for reading, y'all! You are awesome!

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