Awesome news: I got officially accepted as PhD student 🎉and will work on generative aspects in machine learning! \o/

@bleeptrack Wooohooo!!! That's fantastic news! Congratulations!!!!!

@bleeptrack congratulations!

(I had to look up what you are studying and even then I don't understand all of it but you are clearly smart enough to do it!)

That's amazing. Congratulations. It's going to be interesting times.

I hope it will work out for me. Was on another PhD position 2 years ago and had a lot of problems with my Professor :/

Well then I hope you have better luck this time with your new professor. *crossing fingers*

I guess that's the right attitude. And despite the fact that I really love saying it:

You go, girl!

Awwww. Ich muss unbedingt die Unterkunft für die GPN klar machen. 🤗

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