New Work in Progress video is up. This time about CNC Milling, Livestreams and Truchet Tiles:

😺 there is some hidden post credit cat content 😎

@bleeptrack I wish I had maintained my German. I took 1 year in high school and 3 years in college. I was fluent in the 1980s. I understand words but not all of it.

Very cool chair. Did you make it?

Oh, learning german as a second language must be really hard :X hope you found the english subtitles ;)

The chair was milled by my boyfriend:

@bleeptrack Dutch and Fries were my first languages. English was my third. Spanish and French were fourth and fifth. German was sixth. The Germanic languages are my favorite and came quite naturally to me. There was some Latin and Portuguese in there too but I was never fluent in them.

@bleeptrack The chair is so cool. Once I've achieved some 3D printing goals, I long to delve into CNC.

Much talent in your relationship. So neat. You must feed eachothers creativity.

@bleeptrack Haha, funny how Findus wants some internet fame for himself, too :D

Mehr livestreams \o/


Vielleicht sehen wir uns ja auf ne waffel an der gpn!

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