Floor Lounge Chair in Progress 😎
Aka: I have wood and will livestream some CNC milling in the next days

For more making videos: here's my current Work in Progress Vlog:

@bleeptrack Mastodon very much does not like your 4k videos :/ *goes looking on the birdsite*

Yeah, I need to downscale them a lot so they get uploaded 😭😭

@bleeptrack no, I meant, the video element only shows the preview picture, but plays the sound. But I just noticed that it works in Chromium, and I cannot figure out why Firefox doesn't like it… 🤔 so, doesn't seem to be your fault. (well, it never was ☺)

@daniel_bohrer @bleeptrack And I was wondering what kind of sorcery bleeptrack has done now again. <3

That explains the still image on the videos in my Firefox (on Manjaro) as well.

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