Generator is live!
You need a fast way to generate a sign/sticker/shirt for camp? Head over to and get your unique image!

Minor updates:
- line width should now also look correct on mobile
- png-image download button
- typos corrected
- info text to download font for svg image

- Rocket and Text Generation is now split into two separate controllable processes
- Leaf Rocket now also flips with probability=0.5 for more variety

Generator now has a API!
Call to get a random image. Set:
w: px width
h: px height
filetype: png/bmp/jpg/svg
text: text if you want one. Don't forget to urlencode spaces!

- greyscale images available via API: ?greyscale=1
- '~' allows you to set your own linebreaks in generator

@bleeptrack Again, a very nice one! Thanks for the inspiration and sharing.


Thank you, that’s brilliant! :)

What’s the font though? The text isn’t transformed to paths, so we need it for the SVGs to work properly.

@bleeptrack Stupid me, the answer is in the SVG itself of course.

It’s called “Marvel”.

Oh yeah, maybe I should also link to the font so peepz don't need to check the source

@bleeptrack Probably a good idea for those who usually don’t edit or use SVG files.

Inkscape also shows it though when marking the text.

@bleeptrack now that I see it again, the middle one looks a lot like a schematic virus … ^^ Great work nevertheless!

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