I turned the model of my badge cover into a generative model which can now produce 234576 different stl files. Hope this satisfies the various needs of all visitors :)

Find the code and some example .stl's at


@bleeptrack wow!

is anyone selling the badges post-con? I'd love to get my hands on one, but lack the experience to build one from scratch from the design info.

@bleeptrack @adasauce

Wow, that sure looks awesome! 🤩 But I'm afraid I don't know much about it.. Cool you think of me though, thanks! ❤️

@bleeptrack that person appears to be a blackhole on this instance, maybe domain blocked or admin blocked them :(

been trying to find a new mastodon host for a few days whose network is a bit wider, been missing a ton of posts i'd normally be following but had no idea.

Oh sorry for that! He answered and said he didn't know.

But afaik at at 36c3 there will be a batch of card10s available

@bleeptrack just found on the main site.

"No sale of card10s!"

unfortunate, but understandable 😞

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