Question for and peepz: can you attach something to an implanted magnet for several hours or is this a bad idea because the skin gets squished?

@lastfuture because of hurting the skin or is there another reason I'm missing?

@bleeptrack you're risking skin necrosis from the force excerted on the cells. bone anchored hearing aid manufacturers are taking great care to avoid this but even they sometimes fail

@bleeptrack the cause is pressure squeezing the blood away from the cells and little fresh blood being able to reach the cells with oxygen. This ultimately results in the death of the cells and once done can't be reverted.

@bleeptrack it's probably a better idea to attach to ferromagnetic piercings or such
in that case there is no squishing after the magnet mates the metal, just the weight of the attached item
but I'm no expert on this


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