I miss those games where you can just chill in and hang out with other people, if you want to. The last game that did this for me was Minecraft. Is there a current equivalent?

Video games to just chill with others, besides Minecraft:
- Terraria
- Garry's Mod
- (Left 4 Dead 1/2 and Payday 1 on Easy difficulty)
- Modded GTA multiplayers
- In general Sandbox and RPG games which do not encourage grinding or additional purchases

I think what made these games so great for hanging out with others, is your ability of how you want to spend your time and everyone is building on the same ground. No items or creations feel unreachable when you start a new character.

The games to me are about exploration and mastering game mechanics. A player is more improving themselves through learning, thinking and exchanging knowledge than advancing a single character.

Waiting to see recommendations from others.

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