emergency raspi4 question: no wireless interfaces found despite fresh buster install on sd card and raspi-config did run

@bleeptrack check the name of the interfaces, on newer debians they are not wlan0, instead they are something like wlp3s0. Had problems with this already where wicd was looking for wlan0.

@bleeptrack Is it found on dmesg? And it does not appear in ifconfig -a?

@bleeptrack have you configured the country? I think without that, the driver is not loaded

@bleeptrack yes, that's what I meant. Don't know why that's not working for you, though :(

Weird. It's especially weird that burning a new image to SD card doesn't help either Oo

@bleeptrack maybe the driver package is in non-free repositories? It's like that for Intel wifi cards but I don't know about raspi. Just a quick idea to check.

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