@bleeptrack probably my age and nationality but I was slightly surprised to see that particular track being used by KiKa as when I was a teen the BBC initially banned it due to the sexual content (although I did since learn that 1990s/00s KiKa pushed the boundaries a lot, though that could also be because Germany didn't separate "kids" and "youth" TV as much as UK (where all kids TV is mostly aimed at those 0-12 rather than 0-18)

Did KiKa really push so much boundaries? Haven't realized that :O

@bleeptrack here in UK we did have edgier TV shows aimed at teens even in 1970s and 1980s, but there was a massive backlash - some regions refused to broadcast them and Christian activists recorded them and boycotted /advertisers/, so they stopped being made.

I once saw a cartoon on Die Maus where a young lad wanted to wear girls clothes, and he met a monster who didn't want to scare people but instead be a Chanson singer; if anything like that were shown in UK there would be a shitstorm...

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