Despite telling me the museum will let the raspi pis just run, they cut off all the power over night. Had no time to set up kiosk mode autostart yet. I finished setup today super close before press arrived. Museum: Oh well, actually we have no clue what gets turned down at night.

@bleeptrack that museum is a real mess. how do they even survive? :-/

@bleeptrack @daniel_bohrer

the impression I sometimes get of German society (especially creative communities) is it simultaneously exists in both the 20th and 21st centuries - which can be both a blessing and a curse..

At least you have museums that let you do this, ours are all about Roman Empire and things like rhinoceros skeletons etc (not sure why, outside of zoos there are no rhinos in East Anglia 😆 )

@bleeptrack had similar experience recently. Was told installation could run overnight, but then they took the table the laptop was on and somehow messed the projector up. Had to fix it before festival opened. Thankfully, it was only a two-day installation.

@bleeptrack It's now at a gallery and running for a few more weeks. Haven't heard anything about it needing fixing there...yet.

@bleeptrack "oh! by 'letting it run' you meant 'with our power'? that's entirely different!" 😩

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