Today I found a paper that is highly related to my own research. On one hand I'm super excited, because the paper shows awesome stuff. And on the other hand I'm nervous and maybe sad, because now my own work/idea looks like a knock-off? Are these common feelings in academia?

@bleeptrack Yes, although it's a good thing! It helps validate your research since it means that you're probably on the right track since other people have researched similar areas. You get to "stand on those giants' shoulders" and hopefully see further than they did.

Yeah, it's kinda sad when you think about a problem, find a solution, but later you find the solution online. Now you can't proof that you spend two hours thinking and tinkering and not just five minutes with a search engine.

@bleeptrack a very recognisable feeling - on the bright side, you can regard it as a recognition of your own work and thinking.
I like to point out to these things in discussion sections "so, I did all this ... but there are these other people who've done it as well - which basically is confirmation of what I'm doing"-kind of style.

@bleeptrack while writing the related work section of my thesis, I found several papers that stated:

"oh, well, and then there is this other problem (my research topic). nobody really cares about that one because it is absolutely irrelevant for any applications."

I felt really encouraged to continue.

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