Pro village life: you can have a sunny 5,5km walk and not meet a single other person.
Con village life: smelly fields are smelly

:D it's just the km. Maybe I should start a smell map 😆

@bleeptrack Going outside (on my own) is the only thing keeping me sane these days. Fields aren’t smelly over here, though.

@vogelchr @bleeptrack wanted to take a ride on my bike ... figured out it was a bit wobbly. the spokes must be tightened. 😞
will go for a walk then. Luckily I have lots of possibilities and space.

@bleeptrack Some people are finding other ways to maintain their social distance while exercising.

@th @bleeptrack with no touristboats, that's a great idea actualyy :) cool.

@wmd @th @bleeptrack Could the Dutch grachten clear up like those in Venice, or is the water inherently muddy there?

@Stoori @th @bleeptrack venice didn't clear up due to corona.

The grachten(moats or canals) in Amsterdam are quite clean, but indeed naturally 'muddy'.

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